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Railway freight wagons and locomotive spare parts
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Mining equipment spare parts
Other mining machinery parts

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Clutch housing | turbine wheel shell casting | Customized Housing box iron casting | Customized Base Elbow iron casting | Major Planet Carrier for Mining Machinery | 150 Motor shell railway track traffic spare parts | engine spare parts clutch housing | 10 Blade Turbine Wheel blade | 10 Blade Turbine Wheel | Hign manganese steel casting elbow | stainless steel casting | The body of gearbox casting | motor housing casting | transmission housing | Clutch housing | Reducer box |


History of Investment Casting | brief introduction of investment casting process | Investment casting process | The advantages and disadvantages of investment casting | leading iron steel casting manufacturer | BPW wheel spider 12Ton/14Ton/16Ton | Belaz mining truck parts export | QH manufacturering a full range of accessories for trucks, trailers, vans and buses | leaf spring seat for truck and trailer suspension | famous for brake drum,wheel hub,Benz truck parts and BPW trailer components | Now we reached the annual production capacity of 100,000 ton auto parts and mechanical products | Recently, we successfully produce a batch of Container Locks for trailer to Europe market | We introduce a batch of new Electric Arc Furance equipments | Provide all kinds of replacement machinery spare parts | Sand castings application | Sand Casting vs. Die casting | Supply a range of truck trailer spare parts | Trailer Suspension Assembly parts, Trailer components | Supplier of replacement parts for mining machinery | Mining machinery parts casting | Container Lock supplier | Stainless steel Thermostat Housing supplier | ISO 9001-2008 registered steel foundry and supplier of high quality steel casting | Specialists in Truck spare parts for most Europen and American Heavy Duty Vehicles | Produce a wide range of spare parts | Specialize in the production of gray and ductile or nodular castings | Supply full range of BPW style trailer spare parts | A professional supplier and manufacturer of auto spare parts, trailer parts | supply the volute casing | BPW style trailer Single Point Suspension parts | Bring in KW mould line from Germany | Our iron/ steel workshop | Our wheel hub complete automatization production line | BPW Axle Beam 12T,14T,16T | Hot sale Gunite brake drum 3600A | Qinghui produce and supply BPW trailer complete Bogie | Heavy-duty Spoke Wheel Germany BPW Type Bogie Axle 16 Tons Semi Trailer Part | New production line specially for all kinds of truck trailer axles, Dumper truck axle | 150 Motor shell/Auto Part, railway track traffic spare parts | Rear Spider Benz 9 Blades/Nine Spider hub for Benz | Produce and supply high quality full range of BPW style brake drums | King pin nut for BPW style trailer suspension parts | MAN brake drum 81501100227 | Heavy duty vehicle trailer spider hub | Trailer supporting leg stainless steel parts | Valve Body casting Parts | shell transfer device ductile iron casting parts | Steel casting support arm for automotiive steering system | Sand castings application | Investment casting process | Famous for brake drum,wheel hub,Benz truck parts and BPW trailer components | Auto spare parts in Q & H manufacture | Ductile and Gray iron casting parts | Bearing block | spare parts for BPW VOLVO SAF | Automotive Castings spare parts | Auto spare parts | The automobile clutch housing | what is the different investment casting and sand casting | Customized Metal Casting Services, Castings Manufacturer | Sand castings | The Principle Of Auto Casting Part Selection | Auto Casting Part Current Situation Of Automobile Casting Industry | THE GREEN SAND PROCESS | The difference between the brake disc and drum brake | Process | Our commitment | How to choose the casting process? | Our service | Our Culture | Ductile Iron Castings | 12T/14T/16T six spider wheel for BPW tailers |